The mastermind behind everything Brew Export


While my adept abilities in consuming and enjoying beer have opened many doors for me, my business in craft beer lies in Brew Export as well as Pure Brews America TV Series! In fact, my love for this industry has shaped most of my academic and professional career. I studied International Relations as well as Marketing at Michigan State University (Go Green!) and became further cultured in beer, well, some other things too. During my undergrad, I completed my thesis on Founders Brewing Co. and their export process, which afforded me the opportunity of exploring and meeting with a multitude of other breweries.

Drawing from my experience at CH Robinson Worldwide, the Michigan Department of Agriculture's International Marketing Program, and the Food Export Association of the Midwest, I founded Brew Export with the mission of sharing American craft beer with the world and helping everyone on Earth redefine what a “good beer” means. Craft beer is my life and my passion, and nothing gives me greater joy than being able to share my love for beer through Brew Export and Pure Brews America TV Series. Cheers to That!